Water-Proof Drone

There is a continuous revolution in Drone Technology world and now a company has made a robot which is completely waterproof. It can swim in water also can make dives and absolutely it can fly.
The most interesting thing about this robot is that its controller is also waterproof. This machine is known as SPRY which is the world’s first waterproof drone made by American engineers it can fly with 60 km per hour speed.
this robot is made by SwellPro company in Florida whose crowd-funding target had been accomplished in just one hour. This drone has many facilities like 4K, camera, still photography and many more. Its one-time charging allows it to fly for 17 minutes and can reach up to 1 km height. It has a GPS system.
This unique type of waterproof Drone SPRY have many advanced features, such aerodynamic frame, it has heat dissipation feature to keep the heat from its sealed frame, it also having a new feature of landing Rubber bumpers for safely landing. It has External On/Off switch, and this feature allows to On/Off SPRY by not opening the Hatch Lid.
it can also be controlled through the mobile App. SPRY can take flight while swimming in water abruptly.you can view this seen through a monitor on the remote control. its video can be seen at many places at one time. American experts told that it took them two years in its manufacturing and designing


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