Unique Tri-Deck Clean-Up Vessel

A very unique boat has been developed by a company of Southampton (city of UK) which can clean ocean. Now, this is very unique because nobody has ever heard of things like that before. This boat can Store about 1 ton of oceanic waste in itself.

This boat utilizes this waste as a fuel so it basically runs on its recycled waste. it grinds plastic into tinny pieces that are not hazardous but our environment-friendly. The length of this boat is about 70 meters. And it is labeled as Ocean Savior project. It will not only target plastic but will also find waste material in the ocean and will try to recycle them.

It is expected that it will collect 1-ton waste daily and its capability could be increased. Richard W. Roberts related to this project said that at this time, there is about 5 trillion waste material in international waters and we have to stop this from accumulating too high. it is expected that this boat will play a model role in this regard. And will help to remove plastic from the ocean which is the main problem for underwater animals and human beings itself. An arm like structures are fixed on the sides of this boat which are used to collect plastic from the ocean then this plastic goes inside the boat with a conveyor belt from where it is grounded to small pieces.

After that, the grounded plastic pieces are burnt with the plasma gas. After that, the waste is processed and converted into its fuel. There is also enough room in this boat for a laboratory, a  helipad and some space for living.

But experts think that we need thousands of boats like these to completely to remove the problem of plastic in the ocean.

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