Sunlight-Chasing Robot Plant

Scientists have succeeded in making such sunflower-shaped robots, which keep the light of the plants moving on the surface of the sun, and also provide them with water supply. If you have forgotten to give water to the lunar due to any engagement, then there is no problem because now a robot will pay this obligation in a good way.

This robot will provide water due to the need for the plants, while in the case of sunshine and air deficiency, the plants will also be able to move the right place.

The first of another time of open, programmable robots from Vincross. This robot has six-legged, significantly adaptability, moderate robot that comes complete with all the indispensable sensors. Close by this robot, we pass on MIND, an apply self-governance OS and SDK, where out of nowhere individuals don’t need to know shrouded gear and complex mechanics to learn and make entrancing apply self-sufficiency value.

The robot-maker, Vincross, has prepared this robot to take care of home-grown plants. Six-legged robots have a sunflower type flower, and there is a capacity to fill water in the lower part. It can also move the plants from one place to another. The special thing of this robot is that it takes care of the needs of the plants in the house like water, sunshine and air. If a plant does not need a sunlight, So, it transfers the plant away from the sunshine. Thus, it looks at the hottest place and lack of water.

It has been created by the Sunflower type flower plants. After paying for your duties, the robot also delights in it. It costs USD 949$ in America and it was initially introduced a year ago for a first time. But now it has been re-launched with modern features after change.

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