Soft Robotic Fish-SoFi

The American Investigation Agency has been invented a fish, which having two fins & one tail like other usual fishes, and named this world’s first robotic fish is “Soft Robotic Fish”, called “SuFi”. This robotic fish has only one eye. This is just one of the robotic fishes.Experts of computer science and Scientists of artificial intelligence laboratory (CSAIL) of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have prepared this robotic fish.

It will be able to swim between the other fishes in the ocean and help to unveil the secrets hidden in the sea. The name of this fish is “SoFi”, which have given it, from the word “So” which have taken from “Soft” and the name “Fi” is derived from word “Fish”. Swinging its wings and also shaking the tail, “Robotic fish” has shown its skill in the bottom of the ocean, Will be used to know the secrets of the ocean world.

The idea of ​​making robotic fish recently came after the viral pictures and videos of the world’s greatest Shark. These scenes of the world were still hidden, so scientists have decided to discover more hidden secrets by the invention of robotic fish. The first successful experience of “Soft Robotic fish” in Fiji, which is situated in the region of South Pacific, was done in the 50-foot depth of the sea.

The less-weight Soft Robotic Fish can swim in the right-left, upper and lower direction and also in the straight direction in the bottom of the ocean for 40 minutes. , While the other fishes also possessed the marine life Incompletely accepted this counterfeit fish, which is considered the biggest success.

“SoFi” fish can able to swim in the ocean floor under the supervision of a remote control device and the control and direction of this robotic fish are controlled through this remote control device, so that the emerging waves can’t change the direction of this “Soft Robotic Fish). This Swift Robotic Fish is manufacturer completely by the mutual collaboration of electronics and mechanical energy.

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