Smart Glasses-Augmented Reality Technology

Till today the glasses will be used to watch or see something but nowadays that’ll also use for listening. Yes, it’s true. Because this would happen with “Augmented Reality Technology”. These color glasses having “Augmented Reality Technology” and sensitive headphones are also installed in it. These sensitive headphones will also improve the sound quality and provide fantabulous voice quality. The headphone can also translate the conversation.

AR Technology having these smart glasses is able to provide High-Definition and Virtual Reality effect means the user can experience High-Definition Picture quality and also Virtual Reality effect enhance the quality of surrounding atmosphere. This would be one of the great inventions nowadays; it’ll bring revolution in the field of Virtual Reality.

Therefore; there is no camera in these Smart Glasses like as Google and Snap Chat technology having glasses. These Smart Glasses having many features. Like with these glasses sound quality will be improved. And the library of thousands of audio songs is also in it with the help of applications.

Users can also experience and listen these audio songs with the headphone installed in the Smart Glasses temples. But its special feature is to translate the conversation in meantime. This’ll help the tourists during their journey. It’ll also control the movement of the head. Therefore, like as “Google” & “Snap Chat” smart glasses; these glasses don’t have any camcorder and it’ll not use a camera or mobile phone.

The manufacturer of these Smart Glasses officials says that; the production of these smart glasses is underway swiftly and rapidly. It’ll possible that these smart glasses are ready to launch and also making a debut commercially at the end of this year.



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