World Tallest Turbine

World tallest wind turbine is erected by the project of Max Bögl Wind AG named company in the Village of Gaildorf near Stuttgard in Germany. Home of world’s tallest onshore wind turbines. It has three blades. Located in the Limburg Hills & its height from ground level is about 580 ft. and their blade touches the height of 800 ft. from earth level.

This wind farm in the town of Gaildorf is not just only any wind farm, but is this based on a totally a standard power plant technology concepts, this new power plant technology is called “the water battery” a new concept of technological innovation this will be setting a new industry standard. Four wind turbines are erected in a form in the initial project. All of GE generators have an ability of 3.4 Megawatt.  The important point of these turbines is that water batteries are used, and these batteries have an ability to rotate the blades of the turbine while the wind is running slowly or stopped fully.

Commonly we stopped wind turbines while the atmosphere is out of control or in stormy condition. Water batteries are installed in the base of turbines and they are connected with Hydro power stations. These batteries can store additional power in it.

By this, this system is in production mode in just 30 seconds. The base of turbines is specially designed and through this these turbines can pump store water and produced hydro power, and this water has come from the valley.

By this, these turbines can be produced more than 1% percent extra electricity than conventional wind turbines. These wind turbines are also suitable in those areas where wind pressure is too low. These wind turbines are in working mode and start production, and produced electricity.

According to the experts, almost 10 GW (Ten Gigawatts) can be produced through this project. This amount of electricity can easily power to twenty-five hundred houses, and each house has almost four members in that house.

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